Ps Leena Susan Varghese

Ps Leena Susan Varghese is one of the key leaders of the World Impact Community Church (WICC). She serves as a Pastor and also as a board member in WICC. She is also the Administrator and board member of TROTB Ministries (, which has been used by God to train and raise many people through its life changing discipleship schools and its various powerful leadership building programs.

Ps Leena’s passion is to encourage and train people to fulfil their God-given destiny. Along with her administrative responsibilities, she was also the coordinator of the TROTB Intercession team for 8 years and is passionate in raising up intercessory prayer for the revival and transformation of nations. She loves God’s Word and enjoys seeing the Body of Christ walk in the freedom of God’s truth.

Born in Africa, Ps. Leena gave her life to the Lord when she was 13 years old. After completing her Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, she worked as a software engineer for more than 6 years, before the Lord called her to quit her job and serve Him ‘full-time’, which she has been enjoying since 2005.