We at World Impact Community Church believe that fellowship is very important for a person to grow and build relationships. We create an avenue for fellowship through the various groups and ministries that we run to make you feel right at home.



Every one of us is created for fellowship and desires to be part of a loving community. It is only in close fellowship within a spiritual family that we can grow and flourish the way God intended us to. That is why at WICC we create avenues for fellowship for all ages through various Carecell groups that are tailored to help you feel right at home!

At the carecells we get to know and share life with each other as God’s family. The weekly carecell meetings are designed for fun and fellowship and also include time to reflect together on matters that affect our lives and faith based on the word of God.

We have different carecells at Trivandrum city that cater to different people.

  • Men’s Carecell
  • Women’s Carecell
  • Young Men’s Carecell
  • Young Women‘s Carecell
  • Family and Couples’ Carecell

Call 9656559600 or Email carecells@wicc.in


The junior church at WICC is all about making Christ known and celebrated among the children. We believe that children can relate to God as much as grown-ups and that God works in and through children too. At junior church we allow our children to experience God through worship, stories, songs, group interactions, fun activities, bible studies and sharing of testimonies. They learn to know the Holy Spirit , to be led by Him in their everyday activities, to be carriers of the presence of God in their homes and schools and to be a light wherever they go. The teachers and volunteers at Junior church are committed to pouring out the love and knowledge of Christ into the children and equipping them to fulfil God’s great calling on their lives.

Junior Church happens every Sunday at 9:00 am.


N.O.W. is a gathering of young people that envisions bringing out the God potential in the youth of this generation. In the midst of a rapidly changing world like ours today, young people are seeking identity and purpose to live life with. Many youth are looking for someone to believe in them, help them and guide them into their destinies. The NOW team is passionate to enable youths to discover their God potential by encountering “the Way”, living “the Way” and leading others to “the Way” for there is No Other Way but Jesus!

NOW meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 4:00 PM. Youths in the age group of 17 to 25 are welcome to join for a time of theme based worship, fun, fellowship and learning from the Word of God.

God’s Generals (Men’s Meeting)

We, at WICC, believe that God has uniquely designed men to lead at home, in the church and in other places as a model of Christ. We also believe that society itself will be transformed as men rise to become all that God has designed them to be. One of the greatest needs of our generation is for men to reflect the purpose, responsibility and authority that true manhood carries that comes from the delegated authority of Christ. For this purpose, men above 25yrs (or even younger married men) meet together to discuss and learn about true manhood thus becoming better husbands, fathers and the men God desires them to be. Here, men are challenged to go beyond the popular ideas of manhood and to lead by the example of the stature of the likeness of Christ, which truly is a man.

G.L.O.W. – God Loving Obedient Women (Women’s Meeting)

Being a woman is something to be treasured and esteemed because God has created women with a unique design and purpose. God has given a worth, value and a divine destiny to women that most women today are unaware of. He has chosen women to experience and to demonstrate His love in their spheres of influence – whether it is the home, the workplace or society in general. GLOW. is a gathering of women at WICC who realize this and seek to truly glow by loving and obeying God. The GLOW meetings are a time of fellowship and fun and also a place where issues relevant to women today are discussed from a biblical perspective. All women above 25yrs or even younger married women are welcome


Prayer is the real work and life of any church. The presence and power of God working in people’s lives is always because of
praying people that fuel revival. Intercessors at WICC are such a group of people, passionate to see revival by praying for the needs of the people and the land.

We have times of worship & intercession, called “The Burning Altar”, spread across the week:

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00am
  • Tuesday: 7:00am
  • Friday: 6:00pm (Fasting Prayer)

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