A Life Of No Regrets – Dr John Joseph

Guys, I have walked with God for the last 27 years. You all have been witnesses to how we lived for God passionately from those early years. God has been faithful to keep us by His grace, all these years. But was it just Him keeping us or were there some things we had to […]

10 Months Before The First Christmas

As yet another Christmas draws near, I began to think about my early memories on this season. Christmas was always a delight as schools were shut well into the New Year. As a little child, growing up in the Middle East, I awaited my grandfather’s Christmas cards. I also watched my father send his greeting […]

He Threw Away His Treasure

I was thinking about Judas, a man who had the privilege of walking with Jesus on the earth. I was wondering, did Jesus make a mistake on picking Judas? No, for he picked all his 12 disciples after a quiet night and communion with His Father. Judas was surely in God’s plan to be among […]