Sunday Service Update – COVID-19 Response

WICC – Notice to all worshipping at WICC Trivandrum.

Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name.

In the wake of the current COVID-19 virus pandemic, the government of Kerala has issued an advisory to the public to maintain caution in large gathering so as to contain the spread of the infection.

With careful consideration, WICC in response to the advisory has also taken certain steps to contain the spread of the virus in our region. For the same, all our regular Sunday services have been suspended since Sunday 15 March, 2020 until further notice.

Nevertheless, we would love for the church to be able to still worship God together as a family.

For the same, I would like to advise you to do any of the following.

  1. Join the WICC online service – We will be streaming both English and Malayalam services online. You can set up a system where the whole family can come together and join the service through livestream based on your language preference at your own homes.

  2. Malayalam service will start at 9:30 am IST.
    English service will start at 11:30 am IST.

  3. If you don’t have an option to join the livestream, gather together as a family at your home on Sunday at 9:30am or 11:30am for a time of worship. Your family is the smallest cell of the church and you can worship together with song, a time of testimony and a time of prayer. After that, one can share the word from the scriptures and the meeting can be ended with a time of fellowship. The Lord will bless your time together.

Looking forward to worshipping with you all this Sunday, though in a different manner at this time. We shall be away, yet together!

Do send in updates and testimonies of what the Lord has done in your midst at the gatherings on Sunday to or at our number at 9656559600.

You could also take an offering during the gatherings at homes and save it away to give in our subsequent services or drop it off at the church office during working hours, or If you would like to transfer online, text us on 9656559600 for further details.

Regards and looking forwards,

Pastor John Joseph