Gift of the Spirit – Cheery Thomas

It has been an abundant life in Christ time here with the WICC family

I come from a protestant family. My cousin brought me to WICC, Muttada in 2016
Didn’t quite digest the part of the gift of tongues being used in worship, actually the existence of the gift in itself was questionable to me and so I was taught, and in turn I have taught others the same

Even though a close friend mentioned on the day of our wedding on how blessed the WICC community was and that we should go there as a family, I clearly expressed my disdain for the use of tongues during worship. He did tell me it exists, even though he didn’t accept it initially. He prayerfully left me with that thought.

But after our marriage, the Lord led us to WICC, in ways most mysterious and of awe, that we felt so accepted and thankful for being led here. And in the Care Cell as well.

In the recent Seek His Face meeting, i expressed my earnest desire to speak in tongues for even though I denied it’s existence I knew full well, through the scriptures, that the gift edifies the soul. And on that evening my desire knew no bounds, that the Holy Spirit blessed me with the gift of tongues!!!

On the 15th of December after service, I expressed to Dr John how awesome the edifying process felt in my soul “my soul felt as if it had done several push-ups” and he agreed to the same.

I can’t understand what it converses, neither ought I to try to understand what the words are as in 1 Cor 14; all I know is that I’m greatly strengthened and revived from the inside out

The Word itself holds meaning afresh to me and constant use of the gift has made me bolder in Christ, more loving and patient. Glory be to Jesus

Maranatha Yesua

– Cheery Thomas

*The above content is written by the above mentioned person and not by the church staff.