Healing – Sony Bronzon


Last month, my friend, who plays professional soccer for the state, got hit by the football during a match on the backside of his head. He immediately lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. He was vomiting and was having frequents bouts of nausea in the first week.

Though the scans came out OK, he wasn’t fully normal. He was taken to 2 different doctors in the city and they started giving him different and strong doses of medicines. Everyday, he gets up and he experiences challenges in coordinating his limbs. There are days he would wake up and only his left side would respond and the right side would take 30 minutes to “join in” for action. Doctors have said that he shouldn’t move around much and must be under medication for a month before they can decide whether to permit him to move around as usual or not. He hardly moves out and used to be a very active person.

We went to visit him as a family 2 weeks ago and we found him to be frustrated and worried. They are expecting their second child anytime now and the family is a little concerned about how he was recovering. We felt we should pray for him and so, we prayed for healing and restoration in his entire being (spirit, soul and body) and, in faith, declared victory and Shalom in Jesus name.

1. In 15 minutes, he felt so much better to the point that he climbed a wall that was his height (6 ft) to pluck some papayas for us!
2. Last week, I had called to check how he was doing and he was feeling way much better and he had started to go for his job.
3. Yesterday, when I called him, he is back on the field practicing for his next tournament!!

This just proves that Our God alone is the final Word on our lives and the Word indeed is Life. I boast in the power of my Sovereign God and nothing else. All glory and honor be to God alone!

Sony Bronzon

P.S. Abba Father, you simply ROCK! 🙂 Thank you Daddy!

God Moment from

Sony Bronzon

*The above content is written by the above mentioned person and not by the church staff.