Favour – Chris Susan Varghese

All glory to God

You love righteousness and hate wickedness;therefore God your God,has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.

This is the verse that I have been seeing in my life these days.I praise and thank God for giving me a beautiful experience that happened recently.I was selected for the All-India Inter-University Squash Tournament that was held at Mumbai on 15th November.

It was my Physical Education teacher who called and asked me if I could participate for the State University Squash team tournament.After a little hesitation due to my series exams happening on the practice days,all the procedures needed to do to get the exams on those days as retest were done.All these happened during the end of October.God made a way for me all through these days.I remembered Rev:3:8 where it says”See,I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.”Indeed all doors were open for me.

We as a team(all members from my college) could practice only for two days.When the day of the tournament came, after we reached the spot it was announced that only selection trials for Nationals were held that day and no team event.The selection trials for the Nationals were played in round robin manner with 1 playing against 14 in which there were 15 girl players who came in.During that day when I felt I had no strength left to play I asked God for a word which He gave me was”My God reigns” which meant He was in control.I kept on declaring the word before a match began.I was greatly strengthened.

After 1 week I received a call from my teacher who told that I was selected for the Kerala University Squash team who was to participate for the Squash Tournament held at Mumbai.I was the 6th girl to be selected.Only 6 girls were selected out of 15 girls for this tournament.The next day all the details and procedures in order to go for Mumbai was done.

We went to Mumbai.We had a little practice whenever we got time.At the National tournament,we reached till the pre-quarter finals.After returning back the way God protected me was amazing.

I also get grace marks for attending the same. I was in fact set above my companions beyond my imaginations and dreams.It was purely by God’s grace that I could attend the Nationals as the only girl from my college.The greatest miracle that can be seen in these incidents was that the 2 days of practice led me to participate in the Nationals.I am really grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity.I remember Isaiah:55:8,9 while writing this.God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts!Our God is a Great God! Amen.

God Moment from

Chris Susan Varghese

*The above content is written by the above mentioned person and not by the church staff.