Healing – Arielle Varghese

In the last four days, I have twisted both my ankles. Something that I haven’t experienced since I was 13 or 14 years old. When I fell the first time this week,  I sprained my Right ankle so badly that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up from the ground, my mind went to every memory that I had of me falling down with no foresight or reason in the last 16 years. Yet,  this time it felt different. I sat on the doorstep of my friend’s home and refused to go down in fear.  I remember my spirit man saying,  “Pain you have no place here, be gone in Jesus name.” I had been out on the doorstep for about five minutes now. Although my ankle hurt from the impact, that clenching feeling left and did not return. I can joyfully say that this is the quickest recovery from a sprained ankle that I’ve ever had. Psalm 27:1 resounded in my heart and on my lips as I went about over the next couple of days. The other day,  I was coming out of a supermarket and it happened again,  this time my left ankle. There was no one around to help me up,  I was dazed and didn’t feel brave anymore. A couple of boys on a bike stopped to see if I needed help but I was determined to get up on my own. I didn’t stop to nurse my scraped knee or ankle much cuz there was much to be done. The pain increased, I was hurt and angry with myself. Did I not cover myself under the Blood when I left home?  Was I not praying in tongues today?  I felt like my legs had been knocked off from beneath me. I came back to the bakery (Cuz I managed to lock my mom and myself out of our home) to rest.  I was worried and anxious. I told a friend about my ankle but before I fell asleep, I said to her that I’m praying and declaring it’ll be OK by morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep because of the pain. I did not feel brave. I tossed and turned and prayed and believed half heartedly. Until, He showed me this image. I knew I had to draw it as soon as I could. He showed me that my ankles are covered under his healing wings. I am precious to Him and these wings cover every part of my ankle. Soon after that peace flooded my heart. The clenching pain left and I fell asleep.  My foot still hurt a bit from the impact but I know that has no place either because his wings and His power clothe me.  Psalm 91:4. Thank you Jesus for being my everything!

God Moment from

Arielle Varghese

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