Supernatural Childbirth Experience – Nilanthi Paulus

I would like to praise and thank Lord Jesus for giving me a supernatural and joyful experience during the delivery of our daughter on 29th June 2017. During August-December 2015, God put in my heart that he was going to make us fruitful and multiply in 2016. I rejoiced with the church when the New Year message of 2016 aligned with the same theme. As a family we held on to this word for all spheres of our life. By Nov 2016, I realized I conceived a child and rejoiced greatly for God has been faithful to His promise. Since then my husband and I have been praying for a stress free pregnancy and pleasurable and joyful delivery of the baby just as the Word of God promises. I am thankful to a lot of Godly people who stood by me to see this prayer answered.

From childhood, I had been a person who has had Doctor/Hospital phobia and feared the slightest prick of injections. Meeting the gynecologist for the first time was the most nerve wrecking feeling for me. The day I realized I was pregnant, although I was extremely happy, I started fearing childbirth, delivery, labour pain etc. I shared this fear to my husband. He rebuked my fear and encouraged me to hold on to God’s promises on supernatural childbirth reminding me that Christ took away our pain and the curses in the Garden of Eden (Galatians 3:13,14,29). We declared this over our lives every single day since then.

As we were nearing the due date, the Lord was teaching and training me to overcome fear and every time such feeling popped up, I declared the scripture that God did not give me a spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind (II Timothy 1:7, I John 4:18)). On 29th early morning, my contractions slowly began and I began explaining and demonstrating how I feel about the slight discomfort that I was feeling. He said a funny prayer stating – Baby do not come at night, Daddy wants to sleep. Come during business hours. True to this prayer, by 5.30 am, I felt it was time to go to hospital and woke up my husband to get ready. By around 6.45 – 7 am we calmly walked into the casualty of the hospital. After doing the formalities, my doctor was informed that I had checked in. By 8 am, the Holy Spirit encouraged me to start speaking in tongues whenever I felt the discomfort of the contractions. All such while, my husband and I were having a wonderful time happily chatting and being excited to welcome our baby. We could hear a woman in pain and crying out loud. The Holy Spirit helped me not waiver in our faith during that time as we were believing for supernatural childbirth experience (Hebrews 10:23). Immediately Robin prayed for that woman, and within a few minutes she was taken into the delivery room and delivered a baby girl! I knew just then God was present in the labour room. By 9 am, my doctor arrived with a friendly smile. By then I started praying a little more audibly in tongues and one nurse asked me – Are you praying? I smiled at her and said, Yes I am.  Thereafter I could clearly hear instructions in my spirit of what I was to do and not do. I just obeyed the Spirit including when I had to relax and when push the baby out. By 10.40 am Mikaela (Mia) was born!

My learnings during the last 10 months.
Do not give room to fear – fear of future, uncertainties in life, health, finance, pain, anything!
ALL of God’s promise are Yes and Amen to the measure of faith we apply them. (II Corinthians 1:20)
What we say is what we get (Proverbs 18:21) – Our words (prayer) has power when we declare and utter them. Hence it is important to speak and declare the right words.
Choosing not to worry(Romans 12:2) – Circumstances need not always be perfect, but we need to train our mind to trust God and not to worry.

PS: I want to thank all the GLOW women who threw me an awesome baby shower and standing by me during this journey with practical insights from their personal experience. Robin and I are totally indebted to WICC family. Truly Life is here!

God Moment from

Nilanthi Paulus

*The above content is written by the above mentioned person and not by the church staff.