Miracle – Merlyn Balu Paul

In month of May, I had informed my manager that I would need to take leave from 3rd to 14th of July as I am meeting my brother after 3 years. He said if no urgent project work arises, it would be considered. On June 26th Morning, my manager said a work was coming on 30th of June and I would have to cut short the first week of leave in July. I sought the Lord on whether I need to firmly stand on taking leave OR let go of the leave plan and consider the work. While seeking the Lord, I got a forwarded Word on how God is prophetically handling out Swords and Mantles to His Wonder(s) Women. I took that Word as a confirmation to believe that the upcoming work would be postponed and I could take my planned leave. I had also asked my husband and my extended WICC family to keep this in prayer.

On June 26th Evening, due to certain circumstance at the client side in Europe, rumors were that the project work would be postponed for one week. Because of His Word, I kept seeking and believing the Lord for two weeks, so that the leave plan would not be affected.

True to His Word, on 30th June Evening, we got an official information that the work would be postponed for a minimum two to three weeks!!

I was personally overwhelmed by His Goodness and was reminded by the Holy Spirit on Isaiah 43:4!
Without any hassle, the manager approved my leave plan.

Nothing is Impossible with God!! Hope it encourages and blesses you!

God Moment from

Merlyn Balu Paul

*The above content is written by the above mentioned person and not by the church staff.