Healing – Binoi Idiculla

Testimony of Healing

Greeting in Jesus Name.

On 18-June-2017 on Sunday evening started with Body pain, Headache & vomiting.  The pain was severe and not in position to move. During night we called Dr.Jacob he suggested to take medicine “Dolo”. That night we slept with prayer and also have FAITH nothing will happen. We remember the word spoken by Br. Abraham during Sunday worship which help us to build a faith to resist the disease. On Monday didn’t go to office and body pain was reduced but there was tiredness. Again the word encouraged us nothing will happen and God is with us, his LOVE & GRACE is enough for me and in Jesus name will be healed.

On Tuesday I went to office, but my body was week and every 2hr feeling tired, but same time WICC intersession team prayed for me and healing started. I never went to consult a Doctor, decided no hospital visit. On Sunday (25-06-2017) morning I was not feeling well and have faith that during Sunday worship in GOD‘s house we will receive complete healing. During message time I was touched by the word of God spoken by Ps.Sanju about “Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ”, then Holy Spirit reminded me you are healed by the resurrected power of Jesus Christ which you carried throughout the week and at that moment I was completely healed.

Thank GOD for his healing and also thanks to WICC for your valuable prayer.


God Moment from
Binoi Idicula

*The above content is written by the above mentioned person and not by the church staff.