We at World Impact Community Church believe that fellowship is very important for a person to grow and build relationships. We create an avenue for fellowship through the various groups and ministries that we run to make you feel right at home.


Carecells at WICC are avenues of God’s love and care.

At the carecells we enjoy knowing each other and sharing what is happening in our lives. The weekly carecell meetings are memorable moments with lots of fun, fellowship and joy. We do take time to think on how to grow in our lives as well. We see great bonding between the members of a carecell which helps them to grow together. The weekly carecell meetings often have interesting discussions on contemporary relevant topics. Moreover, the leader of a carecell is committed to serve the cell members to move on and succeed in their lives. We have carecells at different locations in Trivandrum city.


  • Men’s Carecell
  • Women’s Carecell
  • Young Men’s Carecell
  • Young Women‘s Carecell
  • Family and Couples’ Carecell

For more details call: +919656559600 or +91 471 4060546.


 Our desire is to see our children being active participants in the Kingdom, for them to know the Holy Spirit and be led by Him in their everyday activities, to be carriers of the presence of God in their schools and colleges, to be representatives of God outside the church.

As the church began to grow and families began to be added, there was need for a ministry to begin among the children. So in 2011, WICC’s Junior Church began with 5 children and 3 teachers. Our desire was to teach our children the Word so that they would learn the ways of God from a young age itself. As more children began to come in, we had to divide the Junior church into classes to be able to effectively minister to different age groups. Today after a corporate time of worship and scripture memorization, the children ranging from 3 to 21 years of age, divide into 6 classes which go on simultaneously under the same roof. There are activities, quizzes, stories, short plays etc along with the lessons to engage our children and to drive the truths of God’s Word deep into their spirit. Along with the stories from the Word, our children are also taught about missions and missionary stories. They are challenged by the lives of missionaries to look at the world through the eyes of God and to do something about it. Our children are not perfect, nor are they right all the time but they are learning. They are hungry for God and are serious about their walk with God. Today we have over 35 children and about 13 teachers in Junior Church. Among much humour and joy, we experience God together week after week.

Junior Church happens every Sunday at 9:00 am.

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WICC believes in the God potential in the Youth. Youth – One of the most exciting time of life, with different types of pressure from all sides and the deep desire to explore from within.  N.O.W. is a movement amongst the youth of this generation, which birthed as WICC’s response to God’s call and an outcome of a deep conviction that there is No Other Way, as Jesus is the Only Way, the Truth and the life.

NOW team is passionate to raise youths to encounter “the way”, live “the way” and lead others to “the way” for there is No Other Way.  The goal is to see the youth encounter Jesus and establish a closer walk and leading others to Jesus. Youths in the age group of 17 to 25 are welcome to join every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 4.30 PM for a time of theme based worship, fellowship and learning from the word.  It is a time of excitement, fun, learning, togetherness and growing. 


Encounter is a one-day event held at least twice a year for the youth of the church. Young people come in to a time of worship, messages, games, group discussions and food. As they struggle through life, we talk to them about love, purity, purpose and passion. In the face of mounting pressure and conflicting challenges, we engage them to think with us about the meaning of life, to consider where they are heading and make right choices. We bring in speakers who can share their struggles and victories with them and can present to them the truth of God’s Word amidst the many impulses they are bombarded with from the world. We also use movies with Christian principles to reach to them. The event usually ends with a concert in the evening where a Christian band or artist performs and ministers to them through music.


Collision is a teens retreat, usually held over 2 days where young people between 13 and 19 years of age attend. This event is held during vacations and is packed from beginning to end. Every teen is put into a group and together the groups are kept engaged through the event with different activities and competitions. Most activities are connected to life lessons which deal with peer pressure, stress, temptations, choices, relationships etc. This is a place where teens are valued and their opinions have a place of expression. They are encouraged to explore themselves and to explore God in a non-threatening atmosphere. They are taught that their identity need not be determined by people’s opinions about them but by God’s Word which is the truth. They are given freedom to discover their wings, to know the potential that has been vested in them and to realize that with the Holy Spirit, they are an invincible force. Each teen usually goes back home reeling from the impact of a collision with God and with themselves.

God’s Generals (Men’s Meeting)

Males (Above 25 or even younger married men) meet on the 1st Saturday of every month* to learn how to be a man. We are born male but we grow to become men. Learn the importance of manhood in our generation and how God wants the men to rise up and take responsibility.


*Men’s meeting is subject to availability of people to lead the session. Pay close attention to our events page to get up to date information.

G.L.O.W. – God Loving Obedient Women (Women’s Meeting)

Being a woman is something to be treasured and esteemed. God has chosen women to experience His love, relate to Him as father and to demonstrate the love of Christ in their sphere of influence. It’s indeed a privilege to be a woman. G.L.O.W. is a gathering of women who realise this and seek to truly glow by loving and obeying God.

Objective: To grow into the maturity of Christ, self transformation by the renewing of the mind according to the word of God, by the power of the Holy spirit and through the knowledge of God’s love. (Romans 12.2) 

Method: Through fellowship, sharing of experiences, studying the word of God, participating in games and activities, women’s day out, movies, cook outs etc.; thereby growing, glowing and having fun. 

All women above 25 or even younger married women are welcome.