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Join Our Communications Team

Communications Staff Job Description: We are looking for a self-motivated and talented person to join our communications department. In this position, you will be called to produce and propagate high-quality content that engages members and builds brand recognition, across all our communications channels. Your main duties will also include creating informative content, articles, and media […]

Favour – Chris Susan Varghese

All glory to God Psalm:45:7 You love righteousness and hate wickedness;therefore God your God,has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy. This is the verse that I have been seeing in my life these days.I praise and thank God for giving me a beautiful experience that happened recently.I was […]

Healing – Sony Bronzon

HEALING TESTIMONY Last month, my friend, who plays professional soccer for the state, got hit by the football during a match on the backside of his head. He immediately lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. He was vomiting and was having frequents bouts of nausea in the first week. Though the scans came […]

Healing – Arielle Varghese

In the last four days, I have twisted both my ankles. Something that I haven’t experienced since I was 13 or 14 years old. When I fell the first time this week,  I sprained my Right ankle so badly that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up from the ground, my mind went […]

Miracle – Merlyn Balu Paul

In month of May, I had informed my manager that I would need to take leave from 3rd to 14th of July as I am meeting my brother after 3 years. He said if no urgent project work arises, it would be considered. On June 26th Morning, my manager said a work was coming on 30th of June and […]

A Life Of No Regrets – Dr John Joseph

Guys, I have walked with God for the last 27 years. You all have been witnesses to how we lived for God passionately from those early years. God has been faithful to keep us by His grace, all these years. But was it just Him keeping us or were there some things we had to […]

Healing – Binoi Idiculla

Testimony of Healing Greeting in Jesus Name. On 18-June-2017 on Sunday evening started with Body pain, Headache & vomiting.  The pain was severe and not in position to move. During night we called Dr.Jacob he suggested to take medicine “Dolo”. That night we slept with prayer and also have FAITH nothing will happen. We remember […]

2 Shuttle Bus Services from July 2nd

Hi everyone. The complimentary shuttle bus service form Kazhakootam to World Impact Centre (for our Sunday services) have been revamped to to cater to our 2 services. Please find the schedule here:   Please find below the images of the bus we normally use (can change due to any unforeseen reason):

Dr John featured in Tuesdays with Sam Chand

Our Senior Pastor, Dr John Joseph got the unique opportunity to be featured on Sam Chand’s (Reputed Leadership Trainer) weekly internet show, “Tuesdays with Sam Chand.” Watch the video here: Or visit the link here: http://tuesdayswithsamchand.com/starting-and-finishing/